1. Know Your Limit- Consume in a safe setting with someone sober before entering a public forum for the 1st time.

2. Eat While You Drink- High protein foods help slow absorption into your circulatory system.

3. Sip Your Drink- Don't forget about the taste of that mixed cocktail, savor the flavor!

4. Be your own Person- Do not accept a drink unless you want it.

5. Quality over Quantity- Enjoy the smooth taste, it’s not a race!

6. The Phantom Drink- Skip a drink now and then and enjoy a non-alcholic beverage, only you will know.

7. Is it yours?- Do not drink something that is unfamiliar

8. Improve Social Relationships- Do not destroy them!

9. Always know your EXIT PLAN- Appoint a Designated Driver or know the number for a cab company.