The best nights of our lives are the ones we can laugh and talk about for years to come. This is only achieved by intelligent and responsible planning when alcohol is involved. That is why Premier Innovations Group and Clique Vodka urge you to be safe so great memories are made opposed to regretful ones. As a part of the alcoholic beverage industry, responsibility is of particular importance to us due to the sensitive product we deal with. Clique Vodka is a lifestyle brand that encourages socializing with great people and life being lived to its fullest potential but the adverse effects can happen when not intelligently handled. All of our marketing activities are done with the care of the consumer.

As a company we strive to keep teach the consumers about responsible consumption. If you were to ever have a problem or know of someone who has a problem with alcohol, please contact us via twitter @CliqueVodka and we can refer you to proper guidance to help resolve the situation.